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Our proposals

Thanks to its centuries old experience and meticulous service, Café Lavena is proposed as the best choice to organize any type of cocktail or open party.

The wide variety of aperitifs

Mixed canapé with wurstel, spinach, ham and miniature pizzas

Skewered fresh fruit

Grana cheese flakes and clusters of grapes

Fantasy of mixed miniature sandwiches with white, black or tomato bread

Prosciutto crudo on oval sweet bread
Caviar tarts

Artisan made vols au vent with salmon, ham or vegetable mousse

Prawn or asparagus “boats”

Crab bread crusts

Bread crusts with raw swordfish

Bread crusts with mashed grilled vegetables

Cake shape pastries with ham, spinach, mozzarella

A wide choice of pastries and ice creams, faithfully produced with artisan methods

Our mission is to satisfy any request of yours, providing service that is appropriate to meet your needs

Your party

We will organize your party in a reserved area (outdoors, in St. Mark’s Square, or indoors, in the Wagner lodge, whose windows overlook the centre of the Square), where you will be served by our highly professional and courteous waiters, while the notes of our orchestra will add a touch of magic to the time you spend with us.

Everything will be special; the mosaics of the St. Mark’s Basilica, which shine just a few meters away from you, the fresh flowers on the tables, the orchestra which plays your favorite music, while the candlelight enlivens the colours of the Square and warms the atmosphere.

We shall make your stay at Café Lavena unique and unforgettable moment.

The Caffé Lavena is an ideal backdrop for any important occasion.

The service is impeccable, the environment is refined and the location is unique, making any event unforgettable.

If you are interested in organizing an event at Caffé Lavena, please contact us. We shall be happy to contact you and discuss the best solutions.